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FOMI Technologies will make your network Future-Ready.

We provide integrated services that support your enterprise network in becoming scalable, intelligent, adaptive, and resilient. We ensure that your business does not suffer from poor employee productivity or any kind of competitive disadvantage and find the best network solutions to give you a competitive edge over other businesses.
From Cloud storage to WAN Optimization, from access to data centers, we provide a huge gamut of VPN network services and solutions to take care of every aspect of your enterprise network.

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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is programming that makes a secure, encrypted association over a short secure grid, such as the public internet. A VPN utilises tunnelling protocols to encrypt information at the sending side and translate it at the receiving side. To deliver extra protection, the starting and receiving web addresses are also encrypted.

VPN technology was created to permit remote users and branch offices to access corporate applications and help. When you utilise a VPN service, your information is in an encrypted format to your ISP then to the VPN server. The information is encrypted, so even if someone is looking at what you are transmitting, they only notice encrypted data and not raw information.

VPN services are evolving more and more dominant on public’ computers and phones, but picking one is a tedious job. With hundreds of additional VPN providers here – all bragging to be the most suitable for online privacy, safety and pace – selecting the correct one often indicates exploring around to shoot the proper ratio between assistance, ease-of-use, and cost.

Our next-gen VPN permits you to fast and efficiently join personal networks, tools, and servers to create a safe, virtualized contemporary network. The form it should be.

Simple set up, no servers and no waiting for provisioning. Our smart and incorporated connectors allow you to route traffic on-premise or in the cloud. Attach to any grid your ecosystem requires, whether GCP, Azure, AWS, or others.

Our Solutions

Switching and Routing

Manage your network scalability with our portfolio of switching and routing solutions.

Multi-Tier Network Architecture

We provide greater scalability, enhanced security, resilience and redundancy, maintenance flexibility, and disaster recovery.

Network Management System

Network Management systems to monitor, manage and configure big networks around the clock which are made up of thousands of devices.

WAN Optimization

We improve performance between two critical applications so that you can ramp up the bandwidth whenever you need to.

Network Security

We provide security solutions that protect your network from breaches and an evolving cyber threat landdcape without compromising the performance of your network.

Campus Area Network and Branch Networking

We deploy wired and wireless strategies that enable speedy and reliable connectivity for your employees, predict network performance and provide insights into the user experience.

Industrial Switches

We deploy scalable, secure, and flexible switching for your Industrial Network.

IT Network Solutions

We provide support to run your network with the highest degree of efffectiveness, intelligence, and fast response.

System Integrator

We provide system integration services that seamlessly consolidate disparate technology products and applications and reduce the complexity of the system.