Fully Managed Colocation Services in UAE : Fomi Technologies




A sign of fully managed colocation IT working well is when you don’t notice it. However, when things go amiss, the organizational operations get disrupted and your company resources work overtime with vendors who are either late in responding or deliver sub-par service.  When your IT is compromised, it directly hurts your business.

Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the expertise or the money to hire and manage an in-house IT infrastructure solution team.  

FOMI Technologies has the experience, the expertise, and the tech know-how to seamlessly manage your IT Landscape, including Remote Work and digital transformation services. You will get the full support of our experienced engineers who will do a complete analysis of your IT needs. FOMI has a big portfolio of managed services which include fully managed colocation will take the burden off your current team.

Collaboration & Productivity Services

We deliver reliable server and storage choices that is scalable and secure

Customer Experience Services

Our Managed Customer Experience (CX) Services empower you with the right people, processes, and technology to support your business operations.

Data Center Services

We will support you with superior security solutions to protect your data.

Security Services

We provide security solutions that protect your network from breaches and other cyber threats without compromising the performance of your network.