Corporate Overview - FOMI Technologies

Corporate Overview

FOMI Technologies, established in 2017, provides superior network solutions, system admin, and VPN solutions to the MENA Region.
In this fast-paced world, there are constant Market shifts because technology keeps upgrading. Fomi Technologies ensures that its clients are empowered with innovative transformations. We ensure that our clients not only capitalize on current tech trends but also anticipate what’s ahead so that our clients don’t lose their competitive edge.

Our services portfolio is large and diverse and caters to all the IT requirements of any organization. Our portfolio extends to but is not limited to, VPN services, Storage and Data Centre solutions, Hybrid and Multi-cloud, Network security,  and audio, video, and collaboration. 

Our VPN Services empowers employees of our client organizations, to dedicate their maximum productivity to the business by being able to work from anywhere, in any time zone. We aspire to introduce remote work, flexibility, and scalability to a client company without compromising the security and integrity of the network and the data. Our VPN Services are safe, secure, scalable, and easily deployed. 

In today’s tech-savvy communication environment there is a lot of emphasis on security. Companies face threats to their precious information assets. FOMI Technologies meets the client’s security needs with services that range from audits to security tools to backup and disaster recovery practices.

FOMI  Technologies offers IT Solutions to MENA customers across a variety of Industries –  Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas Industry, Retail, and hospitality.

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To be a preferred technology partner for every company that seeks to be future-ready.


We wish to be two steps ahead of the IT evolution so that our customers always have a competitive edge in the market.

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    Our team of engineers has experience working on over 500 projects across industries. They have worked on a diverse set of IT needs and resolved thousands of issues routinely faced by companies. Our talented professionals will help your company transform its IT Landscape so that your business and reputation get a boost in the Industry.


    We believe in going over and beyond for our customers. At FOMI, we understand and appreciate the trust that our clients put in us and are mindful of the significant role we play in keeping your business and network operations hassle-free. Our aspiration is to make our client feel secure and untroubled by the goings-on in the IT landscape, and keeping this in mind we ensure that our response to any client issue happens in the shortest possible time.