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We transform businesses

FOMI Technologies will manage your technological landscape
FOMI Technologies provides servers, storage, software, and advanced IT Infrastructure Management solutions to transform your business for a digitally fast-paced world.
With our services, you can expect modernized applications, blend cloud and on-premises infrastructure and establish the security of all endpoints.
We support you so that you can focus completely on your core business

The rapid transition from office to home format has disturbed the work routine for multiple businesses all around the planet. Yes, technology has been an advantage for enabling remote interaction, but at the same span of time, it has contributed to difficulties as well. 

For example, what will you do if your system runs dead while you are taking an important Zoom session? Or what if your laptop needs a premium hardware resolution immediately? No need to worry about it, as we are here with excellent assistance in town. We offer the best AMC for computer care services as well. If you are handling the work of the whole startup and need branded laptops, desktops, hardware solutions etc., you just need to simply connect with us. Our crew of experts will reach your site and deliver doorstep installation assistance. 

Commercialization is obligated to Information technology, as this feature has changed the visage and rhythm of performance of the trade. Such is the advertising of information technology that I.T. professionals are devoting each waking point in creating software and hardware to ensure to help of manoeuvre for companies. However, for any academy, administration of these functions (i.e. infrastructure management) aka statistics, advancement, types of equipment, human resources, policies, associates and types of equipment management evolves extremely important for across-the-board effectiveness. This also gets talented intervention for smooth adaptability and fulfilling the exclusive /tough demands of Infrastructure management. This is where we come into priority as an established brand in the arena of infrastructure management. We boast of a positively talented team, full-bodied wide delivery model, standardized paraphernalia, set strategies and demonstrated approaches.

Our Solutions

End-to-End ICT Solutions

We take complete responsibility for your technological requirements.

Hybrid Networking

We manage and transform your network with minimum disturbance to day-to-day network operations .

Digital Workplace Solutions

We transform your workplace to allow your employees to connect from any place and any time.

Unified Communications Services

We consolidate communication tools like Calls, messages, video, email in one app making communication effortless and work collaboratively.

Data & Managed Network Services

We provided end-to-end network management for seamless network operations

IT Security

We secure your network completely in a fast-evolving threat landscape.