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Cyber security

Protect, Detect and Eliminate cyber threats

FOMI Technologies will protect you by Providing Services to your enterprise against cyber attacks and ransomware
The cyber threat landscape is a many-headed monster and constantly evolving in complexity. Many companies find themselves vulnerable to cyber attacks in the absence of a competent in-house team that can help them to advance and enquire about the latest tech in Cyber security Services.
Every year, hundreds of companies fall prey to cyber-attacks which not only costs them a lot of money but also their reputation as data on their network breaches cost them the customer’s trust.

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We fulfill your security needs

Our vast portfolio of cyber security solutions will ensure that your company’s data and reputation are protected from hackers and snoopers. These services can also be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements and provide detailed notifications, reporting, and dashboards.

We will do a complete analysis of your cyber security needs and propose the right solutions.

An adequate Cyber Security strategy comprises of three parts: People, Processes, and Technology. Its primary purpose is to check out the loopholes or defects among individuals, techniques, and technology and then offer a few effective management in order to eliminate those gaps.

By virtue of its technical skills, own & gained knowledge, understanding, creative resolutions and complete partnerships, We have constructed unfair benefits to its consumers while offering an exceptional deal for its shareholders and adequate access obstacles for its rivals.

Resolutions and services from us are strived at problem-solving and require completion instead of a sales push. Through its initiatives and dedicated assistance delivery, we resolve problems that are task and time crucial to its client’s company or processes.

Our globally acknowledged certified consultants assist you to create excellent protection plans. We have an unmatchable experience in delivering cyber security resolutions to our consumers thus allowing them to support, monitor, and manage their protection plan.

Our holistic strategy, technological expertise and creative approaches have allowed us to execute dedicated solutions across different industry verticals.

We enable clients to recognise, control, detect, resolve and guard against threats, offences, scams and acts of terrorism emerging due to the extensive addition and use of Digital Communication applications and artefacts in our private and professional lives.

Our Forensic crew is comprised of Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Certified Digital Forensic Examiners, lawyers and other multi-disciplinary professionals who help the Consumers in the arena of prevention, detection and mitigation of due diligence, anti-fraud advisory, Forensic Dispute Resolution Advisory, fraud-investigation, etc.

We assure deployment of a flawless mix of cyber security assistance and the latest technology to deliver you cost-effective resolutions.



Our Solutions

Intelligent Security Solutions

We provide security solutions that can keep up with the ever-changing security landscape.

Identity & Access Management

We ensure that the right people in your organization access the right information and tools.

Data Privacy and Protection Services

We will ensure that your data is protected from malicious threats while improving data recoverability.

Support Services

Providing Support Services that prevent loss of communication, revenue, and time by keeping your servers in top-notch order.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We facilitate a virtual desktop that enables remote work, allows BYOD, and manages work shifts.

Mobility Management Solutions

We provide mobility solutions that will improve employee performance and allow them to work anytime and from anywhere

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