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Workplace & Mobility


FOMI Technologies helps you to create an uninterrupted mobile workspace with a range of services to fulfill all your needs. FOMI Technologies helps you to create an infrastructure that bolsters mobility, protects access, and facilitates the best VPN solution for small business continuity in an unpredictable climate.
This transformation of your workspace also creates a smooth working experience for your employees by empowering them to work from anywhere, on any screen without compromising on cybersecurity or network reliability.

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Our Solutions

Servers and Storage Resource Management

Providing reliable servers that are scalable and high-performing and storage solutions that are modern and secure.

Passive Network Infrastructure

Designing your network infrastructure in a manner that provides the best functionality and accommodates change while ensuring that it does become an impediment in the office.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

We facilitate a virtual desktop that enables remote work, allows BYOD and manages work shifts.

Support Services

Providing Support Services that prevent loss of communication, revenue and time by keeping your servers in top-notch order.

Secure Workplace

Creating a frictionless experience for employees to access data from anywhere and on any device securely.